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Get all your friends ready and hop onto the airplane and land onto the boiling beaches with a lovely cocktail at hand with a smile on your face. Book an amazing holiday to lively destinations such as Zante, Ibiza, Magaluf and party all night till dawn with the heat on your shoulders all day and night. The best thing about is that that you won’t need to pay your holiday all up front, book with us to get all the best offers available.

Club 18-30

Club 18-30 is the what summer is, nothing matters when you’re here with your friends having a tequila, no work no having to do anything for anyone else. Just relaxing with good vibes and dancing until you cannot walk.

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Ibiza is the place to be this summer with your friend’s poolside with a cocktail, this country is known for its nightlife and is the party capital of the world.

Ibiza is also known as the ‘White Island’ for the massive party’s on a daily/nightly basis, with their outstanding nightclubs such as Pacha and Space. You will have a wild night every single night for how long your there for.

When you book to go to Ibiza you must always go to the famous Café Del Mar to recover from the night of partying. Why not take a stroll down there to see the beautiful sun rising at 6am and listen to the relaxing ‘Bongo drums’ soundtrack for the experience of a life time.

Ibiza does have its perks with the relaxing beaches to spend the day recovering from the night before, on the beautiful beaches of San Antonio’s. This beach will help you recover or even get you going for the upcoming festivals.


Magaluf is one of the party places to be this summer with all your friends with the sun on your shoulders, this time in magaluf will stay with you forever. They have over 100 bars an nightclubs, open for 24 hours 7 days per week! All these bars and clubs will be opening for everyone.

Magaluf has been attracting 500,000 British locals every single year for 40 years, Magaluf is home to the Toyko Joes, Linekers and the well-known BCM’S.

Magaluf isn’t just for partying it also has a unique waterpark, golden sandy beaches and the world famous ‘Pirates’ show, which is a must see!! With thousands of brits travelling to Magaluf you can guarantee the excitement soon as you step onto that plane and the atmospheres is outstanding.

It doesn’t end there..

There is other top party destinations, such as the Greek Island of Crete which the heart of Malia which brings thousands of people every year. Also another party destination is the Playa de las Americas in Tenerife which has brilliant accommodation and value for money. Cancun in Mexico is a must for spring break which is also covered by MTV which is a brilliant opportunity.