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This is one of the most popular destinations in the world, millions of tourists visit turkey all year round, lovely accommodation with the value for money.

Whatever your party is, turkey has it from cheap accommodation or in the 5* luxury resorts. Why not throw yourself into Turkey’s magnificent culture and they’re amazing food from hummus to kebabs to seafood and even drink the famous Raki by the jug.

Turkey is the place to be for everyone, its perfect for families and for the young party people or even backpackers if that’s your style.

Dalaman (DLM)

Dalaman is stunning which is surrounded by clad mountains with the soft golden beaches with villages to explore, why not stay at the Mamaris because of its big nightlife.

The popular resort of Olu Deniz has its blue lagoon, even the Fethiye’s harbour and even a boat trip around or even strolls along the shops and bars.


This is Turkey’s largest international sea resort and it’s also the third most visited country in the world. It has 10.5 million visits annually; this is the resort for the families with fabulous restaurants on site as well as the luxury hotels.


Bodrum is the country in Turkey which has all the historical factors regarding the Bodrum Castle and the Mausoleum. Which are within 10 minutes of each toher, another perfect place to go is the Greek Islands of Kos and Santorini for a fabulous day trip away, perfect for relaxing with families and couples.


Istanbul is a breath-taking country with the fresh smell of baklava and spices soon as you set off the aeroplane. This is a perfect destination just for a short break or a 2 week holiday, with the Aladdin like country with the flying carpet. Why wouldn’t you want to go to Istanbul with the chatty people and the fabulous markets.